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Fleur de kfé (south)

arome cafe  

Visit of the coffee farm, bourbon pointu coffee tasting, selling of coffee and derived products, lodge.

Patrick BÉNARD
86, rue Auguste Brunet -
Trois Mares 97430 Le Tampon

Tél. (262) 692 67 11 79
ACCÈS : from the "Tampon" town council follow the town council of "Trois Mares" direction. Continue on the Hubert Delisle street, pass in front of the stadium, after two curves take the way named "Epidor Hoarau" to the right (Plaine des Cafres sign direction). Go up to the bug tank and turn to the right on Edouard Glissant street stay in it until the street Auguste Brunet, which you will go over to its end.
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